About Mathew Coyte

Photograph by Max Doyle.

Mathew is a publisher and journalist with over 20 years experience in magazines. He has edited titles including Rolling Stone, Empire, Australian Guitar, FHM online and more. He shoots people on his Hasselblad 500C and a Canon 5D Mk iv for Rolling Stone, Australian Guitar and for artist's press kits. Mathew has shot travel stories for Woman's Day, Yours and FHM. When he's out and about, Mathew always has a rangefinder with him for street photography, which he finds particularly exciting. Mathew is obsessed with film and would love to work with that format wherever possible, but often shoots backup with digital when he's shooting for somebody else.

The main cameras that Mathew uses are a Hasselblad 500C (Kodak TMax400 & Portra 400) and Canon 5D for Portraits. For live music and events, he uses A Canon EOS 1V (Ilford Delta 3200 & Portra 800) or 5D Mkiv. For street, he uses a Leica Monochrom, M9 and M7 (Ilford XP2 & Portra 400). In the studio, Mathew uses Profoto D1 lights and modifiers and on location he uses multiple Canon speed lights and Pocket Wizards.